Helping you find your way back to the person you were before you started to believe you had to be someone else.
As an Integral Coach I will work with you to take a look at the whole of your life. We focus on bringing awareness to the experience of your life in the moment, and I offer practices to you which nurture your development over time. This work is designed to meet you exactly as you are right now , and enables you to see this instance as a particular manifestation of something larger in your life.
Hi, I m Marieke, and I believe that the world is an amazing place. I also believe that you are amazing, and beautiful. I want to inspire you, and help you find happiness in every area of your life. The practices and tools that I offer bring about long-lasting change and enable you to feel better about yourself, and the world. Encouraging you to return more and more to your authentic Self. I believe that the world needs your unique gifts and beauty.
About Marieke & WYS living
As an Integral Coach and as someone who has had a long career in beauty I created WYS living. A platform (this website and on Instagram: wysliving) where beauty and coaching come together. Reminding you of your inherent inner and outer beauty and the beauty around us. Helping you with practical coaching tools to find your way back to you, your true you. Before you started to believe you had to be someone else.
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